Author: Horus Amongus

  • The Cat

    by Johanna Haas The cat climbedthe basement stairswith a blue tail hangingfrom his mouth.

  • Prefixes

    by Mona Mehas Take the word, progressPro is a prefixThe opposite of pro is conSo, the opposite of progress is Congress

  • Fountain

    by Mona Mehas A fountain by any other nameis Marcel’s urinalDuchamp’s latrinebaby boy’s pottyold man’s thronedrunkard’s pisserEuropean’s looevery man’s can.Begs the question, what is art?

  • Reticence

    by Charles J. March III “San Onofre” He made hookers steal snooker tables, and his whole body had a toothache. “Original Nothing” Always on to something. “Not Lost on Me” She drank Baja blasts with Bradley Hexagon and the electric god humanoid design. “Love” A couples retreat in Mexico comprised of a Nazi, a Jewish…

  • who’s the mutt now?

    “For more than a century, the art world has celebrated Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain. His work, simply a urinal signed and dated “R Mutt 1917”, is widely regarded as a pinnacle of 20th-century art, with a replica on display in Tate Modern, London. For some, Duchamp is the father of conceptualism, the so-called art of ideas.…

  • gristl’d gr’ease

    by Saint Peter don’t ’bout your wingsor fancy flightkn’own are your teethtear’n unto meatgristl’d gr’easegerund’ingsour slimewhite sinew don’t ‘ppoint woowoo wan’t bitewan’ step shitof brok’d dreamsooz’ed hayfleck’n griefsquish’nb’tween toes

  • Before Dawn

    by Mona Mehas Lend me your rattle!While philosophers harvest addictionwe foster the day,and work the fieldstones.An American night boat passesin the blue hour.

  • Pegasus/Centaur Confusion

    by Mona Mehas You rush in, rescue modewhite horse, prancinghooves in the airready to gowhite angel astrideblue blood visiblein shared veinswings outstretchedfacing backward. Why such a hurry to meet the futurewith the present unresolved?

  • It’s Forever Winter on Pluto

    by Mona Mehas Cold.Ice stored under ice, no snow,slick.I’ve never done well on ice.UMPHThe sound of my butt meeting solid ice.

  • untitled (elfin thyme)

    by Erwin Dink entropy enginerich people in a paper mache subelfin thyme

  • i don’t want to hear it

    by a frightened boy i can’t hear you becausei have a bag over my heada bag made of dried leavesand mudand the spittlefrom a frightened boy’s chin

  • untitled

    by Mona Mehas LIFEconfusedlabyrinth word-searched my way throughlines around my eyes, proofhumbled by enormity individual existence

  • untitled (something something toilet)

    by Erwin Dink archaic mullet stompedacclimated helm sproutcalculated mosh permit

  • untitled (lego my ego)

    by Eric Jennings (e)go-(e)godi-di(id-id)

  • tasteful words

    by Ash K. Gray And so I dipped my pen in sauceand wrote some food for thought.Whatever I laid down, man,they (?— — — ?) went ahead and bought. Little did they ( same they?— — — — — — — — — — ? ) know that all I didwas dip my pen in…

  • untitled cinquain

    by Mona Mehas DivineLearn meaning, hopefrom message, lust assuredEclipse our passions, love’s disputeBewitched

  • (an Actual Physical Darkness)

    by Eric Jennings it makes a differenceif you touch the ashesi did not touch the ashes

  • untitled (screwnail)

    by Eric Jennings poem found folded in a nail pickle jar screwed to the ceiling of the garage like a fortune cookie

  • December

    by Ann and Kirby Kenny Cold debris,Confectioners’ sugar,You are dusted whiteAs a swarm ofAlbino bugs. Traveling soul,You move through the bodyAs a feeling,And in your cabin,Woe remains.Exile

  • untitled (ass cheeks torn off)

    by Erwin Dink /u/spez/postseyelash of my enemyclub twita fantasy hero retiring